Rust Experimental:How to query my server

From Serenity Servers Support

Rust experimental has a funny way of querying it, it requires a separate port. When you setup your server with us, you are sent the game IP. This IP is how you would connect to it directly using a console command, you can read more about that here.

To add your server to your favorites on Steam, and thereby be able to see how many players are on it you need to use the query IP.

The query IP is found on the gamepanel, but you can also find it yourself. Its your gameport, ie 28025+1 so the query IP would be 27026.

On the gamepanel it would look like this.
Rust ex queryip.png
You would of course have different values.

Now all theres left to do, is copy the "Query Info" IP / hostname in this case into your steam server browser and add it like usual.