Rust Experimental:How to add owners and moderators

From Serenity Servers Support

Adding admins to Rust, go to Configuration Files on the gamepanel, edit users.cfg
NOTE: The server MUST be stopped while doing this.

  1. Go to and paste the URL into the box and click “Convert”
  2. Under STEAMID64 copy the long string of numbers that looks like this: 7656119807xxxxxxx
  3. Next, go to the gamepanel, locate Configuration files, edit users.cfg
  4. To add an account as owner.
    ownerid STEAMID64 "player name" "reason" 
  5. To add the account as moderator.
    moderatorid STEAMID64 "player name" "reason"

for example: ownerid 765611980xxxxxx "Owner of server" "no reason"