Garrysmod troubleshooting:My Garry's Mod server lags, what to do

From Serenity Servers Support

Garry's Mod is funny, not to play (its that too) but in the way it use resources.

Mostly you will find your Garry's mod server start lagging, when its above 30 players on RP and 10-15 on sandbox depending on limites.
'Please note, that its very rare that a server crash or lags without reason. 99% of the time, its not caused by lack of server resources, but rather script errors, bad addons etc.

And there are tons of reasons why it lags, this could include script errors, optimization, spam etc.

Here are a few tips!

  • Limit props, wire etc. This is essential in keeping your server clean.
  • Ban spammers, once a spammer always a spammer. Keep an eye on what the console post before it crash.
  • Keep addons updated, and get rid of leaked scripts.
  • Check the logs regularly for crashes, take note when it does. Is it completely random or always when the server hit a player count?
  • Go on our Gamepanel and take a look at how much CPU your server is using, if this is about 12.5% then you need to limit your tickrate or get rid of lag factors like badly coded moneyprinters (like rPrint)
    • - This problem is not caused by lack of server resources, but because Garry's mod is limited to using a single processing core. The only way to fix this, is to set your servers tickrate lower.
    • A general rule is that RP servers, go best below 33 ticks. However you can use this chart to match your servers slots.
0-30 = 66

30-45 = 33

45-50 = 22

50-120 = 12

Here is a list of addons we have experienced, that cause regular crashes for clients.

  • SimpleWeather.
  • Atom weather.
  • Admin Buddy.
  • Suits v1.
  • Some drug mods.
  • Advanced Duplicator & Duplicator, these tools can easily crash your server if abused.