Garrysmod:How to install mysqloo or tmysql

From Serenity Servers Support

Installing these modules, are essential for servers that require a mysql server to store data. There are two ways of doing it, and it really depend on where you host your server.

If you host your server with us, follow the guide below. It can all be installed from the mod-manager.

  1. Enter the control panel, and locate the servers.
  2. Enter the mod manager for the server you want to connect.
  3. Install either Tmysql or Mysqloo, and restart the server.

Modules are now installed.

If however you are hosting somewhere else, or locally for that matter. We need to upload them manually, using the guide provided below. The next steps require you to know what OS your server is running, but if you dont know or your host wont tell you uploading both wont break anything.

  1. First we need to download some files, again this steps depends on where you host.
  2. We also need to download something called libmysql, this also depends on what OS you are running.
  3. Once you got the files, its time to upload them to your server.
  4. Open FTP or the file manager, FTP is probably the best.
  5. Now into the root folder (the folder that contains bin, sourcengine, garrysmod etc.) we need to place the libmysql file.
  6. Again, upload the one that fit your needs or both of them. It should look something like this.
  7. Now you need to enter the garrysmod folder, then your lua folder and at last you need to either enter the bin folder or create it.
  8. Into this folder, upload the file called gmsv_mysqloo_**** like seen here.
    Gmsv mysqloo.jpg

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