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When you first get your server, its the default files. Many require the upload of custom content such as maps, addons etc. To do this you can use the file manager, but since its an in-browser manager it will eventually refresh to log you out if you dont check off the "remember me" button. While this is alright for small, fast uploads. To upload bigger maps, minecraft worlds etc. You will need to connect using FTP, and this is how to do so!

In the email you received, theres a username and password listed. We need this to login, to get our servers ip.

  1. Login to the Game Panel, and find the "Game Services" tab. Then select the server, and find the servers IP, you will need to copy over the IP, it should look something like this of course #different numbers.
  2. Now you will need an FTP client, we highly recommend the free FileZilla client but there are others as well. Download FileZilla
  3. When the program is installed, go ahead and open it.
  4. When the window opens, at the top there should be 4 text boxes, in this order. Host, Username, Password and port. All but the port needs to be filled out, you can leave that empty.
  5. In host enter in your servers ip, leaving out the port, ie. <- In this case the 25565 is the port, and we only need the ip. You will of course also need to remove the colon.
  6. Into Username, you enter in your TcAdmin username, your TcAdmin password is entered into the password field.

Now press Connect, and it should open up your servers files. From here its just a matter of dragging files onto where you want it uploaded. If you want it inside a folder, drop it onto the folder or enter it. If you want it uploaded to your users folder ie. The one you entered, when you first connected. You will simply need to click the two dots at the very top of the directory listing as #long as you can, then upload by dragging and dropping onto the white portion of the listing. If you have any problems connecting or uploading please do not hesitate to contact us!

Q: What are my credentials?
A: The same as you use to login to our gamepanel with, changing that password also changes the FTP password.

Q: Filezilla does not connect, it displays red text..
A: Please check the Host field and make sure the IP is correct, also make sure the port field is either empty or is filled out with the number 21.

Q: The FTP connects, but no files are shown?
A: This bug appears in TcAdmin, a quick way to fix it is simply click the quick connect again making it reconnect and hopefully should find the files.

Q: I am trying to upload files, but extensions like .exe and .dll are failing?
A: This is a security measure taken by TcAdmin, .exe and .dll files can be executed and thereby pose a security risk to our systems, however most modules like Tmysql etc. Can all be installed from the mod-manager.

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