Billing and setup:How do I cancel my server

From Serenity Servers Support

First of all we are sad to see you are leaving us, we sure hope that everything was as it should!

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To cancel your server you got to follow these few steps, it will create your cancellation request.
NOTE: Letting your service run out on the billing cycle, and leaving your bill unpaid will result in a service termination after 10 days of suspension.

  1. Enter the billing area
  2. Navigate to My Services tab on our billing panel
    cancel service
  3. Click Request Cancellation on the side of the screen under Actions
  4. Give a reason, or not, for why you wish to cancel and select when.
    2015-07-04 10-33-45.png
    Immediate will cancel your server the next time our cronjob runs, which in most cases is within 24 hours.
    End of billing period is as described, it will cancel it once your servers invoice is due for payment.

Cancelling your server does not result in a refund, as also stated in the terms of service which you agreed to on purchase.