Teamspeak 3:How to reset all permissions

From Serenity Servers Support

How to reset your Teamspeak 3 servers permissions.

  1. First, Please be sure you logged into the Gamepanel.
  2. Find the voice server, and head to the sub-menu called actions.
  3. Click the Reset Permissions button
  4. Once the reset process is completed, you need to click the teamspeak browser and create a new admin token.
  5. Login to the voice server, and use this new token.
  6. Reset complete.

Things to remember:

  1. A privilege key can only be used once
  2. Attempting to use it a second time will result in an error
  3. Once used, a Key can be removed
  4. Once removed, the person using the Key loses those privileges assigned to the Key
  5. Resetting your Teamspeak 3 Server Permissions will also remove all Privileges Keys from your TS3 server and reissue you a fresh Server Admin Privilege Key