Minecraft:How to install server plugins

From Serenity Servers Support

BukGet always installs the latest version of a plugin, if you are running 1.6.4 as an example this may be a problem. Here is how you install plugins manually to your server.

Step 1.
Login to your gamepanel account here. Once logged in, click Game Servers and click on the desired gameserver to obtain the IP of the server. NOTICE: DO NOT COPY THE PORT!
i.e or If you copy the ip with the port, it should look somewhat like This is not right, we only need the IP!

Step 2.
Head over to filezilla-project.org and download the version that fits you (Windows is most cases).
Go trough the install wizard, and open up the program after installation.

Step 3.
You should now see something like this.
Filezilla-connect.png Into host, type in the IP you obtained before.
Into Username, type in your TcAdmin username you used to login to the control panel in step 1.
Into Password, type in your TcAdmin password you used to login to the control panel in step 1.

It should look somewhat like this:
Click Quickconncet to access your server files.

Step 4.
Once you see all your user files, world folder etc. Navigate to the plugins folder, let it stay there while you continue to the other steps.

Step 5.
Click here to open the plugin search on bukkit, once the page is loaded. Search for any plugin you wish to install, in our case we choose Worldedit.
Select plugin.png

Step 6.
Click the download button located in the right hand side. It should look somewhat like this.
Dl button.png

Once the plugin is downloaded, locate the .jar or .zip in your downloads folder. If the file is a .zip you will need a program like winrar to extract it, tho some zips should be ready to upload and simply unzip it using the in browser file manager inside the TcAdmin control panel.

Step 7.
Drag and drop the downloaded plugins into the plugins folder, and restart your server. If the plugin is up to date, it should work right after it created the necessary config files.

If you have any questions remember the support team is always there to help.