Minecraft:How to install essentials and groupmanager

From Serenity Servers Support

To install essentials and essentials group manager, follow these easy steps and your server will be up and running in no time.

Step 1. Enter TcAdmin and login, then find your service.
Step 2. Enter BukGet and select all categories from the category drop-down menu. This will allow us to search all the plugins for bukkit.
Step 3. Under the name section, there is a text box. In here you want to enter the name of the plugin you wish to install. In this case, type Essentials.
Step 4. Click the install button and wait for it to download and extract the plugin.

That was the essentials core, but since Group Manager is currently not on there. We need a different method to do so.

Step 1. Start off by going to the essentials wiki page and download the latest version. A link provided here.
Step 2. The link for group manager is under the "Dev Bukkit Downloads" and the 3rd down from the top. Download that, and use Winrar to extract it to your desktop.
Step 3. Now drag and drop the GroupManager.jar onto your desktop from the zip file, this is the file you need to upload to the servers plugin folder.
Step 4. To upload the plugin, on TcAdmin enter the File Manager, and locate the plugins folder. In the top menu, select upload and select the .jar file from your desktop and upload it.

All theres left to do now, is restart the server.