Minecraft:How to add server icon

From Serenity Servers Support

Adding a server-icon to your minecraft server, is very easy. All you need to do is follow these steps, and we are good to go!

NOTE: Your logo needs to be square, any long logos will look odd in the server browser.

  1. Find your logo, this is probably the most important part. You need to find a decent looking logo to match your awesome server. We recommend you to use square logos, as they will look better in the server browser, this logo should be 64x64 pixels. Make sure you rename it to server-icon.
  2. If you have a very large logo file, follow these steps in order to resize it to 64x64.
    1. Go to http://www.picresize.com/
    2. At "2. Resize your picture" select "Custom Size.." and enter in Width: 64 pixels, and Height: 64 pixels.
    3. If you followed 1. the picture should look perfect downsized to 64x64. Otherwise it will corp it to size.
    4. At "3. Choose Special Effect" leave that at its default setting "None"
    5. At "4. Save As" select "Image Format: PNG" the png is very important, minecraft will not recognize jpg files.
    6. Click "Im Done" and wait for it to resize it. Select "Save to disk" and save it to your desktop.
    7. Rename the file to server-icon, if you accidentally remove .png then add it again.
  3. Once you have you logo and its called server-icon, its time to upload it. Go to your control panel and locate the file manager for your minecraft server.
  4. In the root directory (the one with world, plugins etc.) at the top menu, select "Upload"
  5. Select your file from the desktop, again make sure its called server-icon.
  6. And simply upload it, now restart your server.

If everything went as it should, you should now be able to see the icon in the server browser.