Minecraft-troubleshooting: I removed minecraft server.sh

From Serenity Servers Support

Have you recently removed your entire minecraft server, or just the minecraft_server.sh making the server starterror?
The reason for this not working, is simply because minecraft uses that file to figure out where java is on the box.
Regenerating it is very easy, as its just the click of a button!

All you need to do, is open our TcAdmin control panel and find your way to the actual control panel for your server.
This would be the page you use to install mods, stop, start etc.

While on this page, you may notice the top menu has a greyed out section where "Actions" is a part of.
You need to enter this sub-menu and find your way to the bottom of the page where a button called minecraft_server.sh is placed. Description of this button is "Regenerate minecraft_server.sh"

This is the button you need to press, only once to regenerate the file.

That is all, restarting your server now should make it start up like normal!