Minecraft-troubleshooting:I cannot connect to my server!

From Serenity Servers Support

If you are unable to connect to your server, please make sure your server cant be fixed when applying one of these, try it before creating a ticket.

- Check our Network Issues Page for any updates that could effect the network, we update this as soon as our staff is aware of a problem.

- On TcAdmin, find your server IP and on your local machine go to Start -> Run -> Type 'cmd' and execute the command. Once a black prompt appear, type in 'ping xx.xx.xxx.xxx' Where xx.xx.xxx.xxx would be the IP address you optained from TcAdmin. If the server responds with a ping, please stop your server, wait 20 sec then start it up again. If it still fails to start, check the next step.

- If you are running a mod like Craftbukkit, rename the plugins folder using the TcAdmin file manager to plugins_old. Once the rename is complete, restart your server and if it does respond at this time you will need to disable all plugins, and slowly add them in. Checking the server.log may help you pinpoint what plugins is making the server crash, tho some cases this is the only way. Installing the latest vanilla minecraft is also good for troubleshooting.