Garrysmod:How to use automatic fast download

From Serenity Servers Support

All our source servers comes by default with fast download sync. However, there are still a few steps you should take, to secure your clients download your content.
NOTE: If you are using workshop addons, those can be added to the workshop.lua using the tutorial provided here.

  1. Login to our gamepanel & find your service.
  2. Click the service you want synced, and enter the Configuration Files button, followed by entering the server.cfg in text editor mode.
  3. In here, make sure the sv_downloadurl is set to the matching URL seen in the control panel. ie
  4. When that is set, you need to copy the content to its respective base-level, what this means is copying the content into its respective directories ie models, materials etc. What this means is if you have a model inside your addons folder, with a path garrysmod/addons/myaddon/models/mymodels/mymodel.mdl you need to copy this using the FTP or file manager, to its base-level directory in this case to the models folder located in the root directory, after the upload the new path should be garrysmod/models/mymodel/mymodl.mdl this is required because garrysmod clients cannot download to the addons folder. They need to be in the base directories for fast download to work.
  5. When you have uploaded your content to the correct folders, & ran Fast Downloads sync from the gamepanel use our resource generator. This generator will save you alot of time when dealing with our services. Insert your fast download link, and have it generate the content.
  6. Last step is to open Configuration Files on the gamepanel, then edit resources.lua. Insert the data from the page, and reboot.

View video tutorial here, however this is using a webserver where ours are automatic.

A good way to test it is to remove the model, material or sound from your own game, and connect to your server to see if it downloads.

Q: My files are not showing up in the link provided on TcAdmin.
A: Stuff installed from the mod-manager does not sync as they are mostly lua files, but if you follow step 4. Simply transfer the files to the base-level directory and sync.

Q: You say the files sync automatically, yet they are not showing up?
A: They do indeed sync, when ever changes are made they are synced. However we did enable access to the fast download sync botton, simply click it and wait.

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