Garrysmod:How to add workshop addons

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This is article will show you how to add workshop addons to your server, the information used in this is also available on the Garry's Mod Wiki.
Notice: This method uses the workshop collection feature, they can also be added manually dragged into the servers addons folder, from your own.

Method 1 - Creating a workshop collection (recommended)
Gameservers can install addons straight from workshop collections, but it requires an addition to the startup parameter. The server will download the collection at startup, and always stay updated.

  1. First of all create a collection and find your collection ID. Do note that your collection needs to be public, else, srcds won't be able to access it!
  2. You need a Steam API Key to use this system. You can get one by signing in here You should keep your key secret.
  3. Append the following parameter to the server startup command-line:
    +host_workshop_collection WORKSHOPID
    An example could be:
    +host_workshop_collection 123456789

Example of a commandline:
The example below starts a dedicated server with 20 player slots. It downloads or updates all of the addons in collection 157384458. This collection includes the Zombie Survival gamemode and a few maps. It sets the gamemode to zombiesurvival and loads one of the downloaded maps.

srcds.exe +maxplayers 20 -console -authkey YOURKEYGOESHERE +host_workshop_collection 157384458 +gamemode zombiesurvival +map zs_cleanoffice_v2

Every time you restart your server it will check that these addons are all up to date.

<embedvideo service="youtube"></embedvideo>
Method 2 - Using an extractor, and upload them as normal addons

  1. Open an extractor site, such as to get a zip file.
  2. Open the file manager or FTP and go to garrysmod/addons.
  3. Create a folder all lowercase, no special characters, and call it the name of the addon. Example: m9k_rifles
  4. Upload the zip generated to the folder you just created.
  5. Extract the zip using the file manager to complete the installation.