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<seo keywords="partner ship, sponsorship, application" description="Learn how you can become a partner with SerenityServers"></seo> To be considered for a partnership, you must be able to match all of the following terms.

  • Have one of the following:
    • YouTube channel with over 5,000 subscribers. May not be spread over multiple accounts.
    • Website with 500 active members every month.
      • If your site is used for hosting sites used in-game, like MOTD or Rules. We must see a detailed breakdown of traffic origins.
      • If your forum is not actively used by your community, the application will require you to prove that the active users are not bots or game views.
    • Twitch stream with 300 viewers average, per session of streaming.
  • The ability to endorse our website and products in anyway, such as intro advertising and/or in description link or mentioning on stream.
  • We do not offer sponsorships to free websites, such as .tk domains, weebly, etc.
  • Steam groups are not accepted.

If you meet these requirements you can apply to become a partner by creating a ticket under Sales. Remember to follow the form below, or your application will be closed without being reviewed.

The application is placed below, please fill out all fields. Filling out a "No" in any of the questions will result in immediate closure of your case.

Full name:


Where will you endorse our products?:
(This could be a YouTube channel, a website etc. Please provide links.)

Business plan for increasing traffic to your site, channel etc?:
(How do you plan on getting more views, subscribers, users etc.)

What game- or voice server should we sponsor?:
(Garry's mod, Minecraft, Teamspeak etc.)

You understand that standard terms of service apply?:
(Yes or No)

You understand that we can at any time end the agreement?:
(Yes or No)

You understand that if we sponsor a YouTube channel, our video below will be required to appear in the video?:
(Yes or No)

NOTE: If your application is successful you will either qualify for a full or partial sponsorship, please also bare in mind that your application may still be rejected even if you meet all the requirements. Applying does not ensure you a partnership.