ARK Survival Evolved:Admin Commands

From Serenity Servers Support
  1. Before you can use any of said commands, you must first open up the console.
    Opening the console depends very much on what region of the world you are from.
    Some keys exist on my Danish keyboard, that does not exist on the American side.
    For us Danes, the key below ESC has a number of signs, however on most generic keyboards its called the tilde key. It has a ~ sign on it.
    Pressing this should result in opening the console, and we can begin.
  2. With the console open, a text field should appear.
  3. Into this field you need to type in the first command to enable the commands below.
    enablecheats "youradminpasswordhere"
    Click here to learn how you set this password.
  4. You are now able to enter in the following commands.

You can find a full list of commands here,